It's better than Flies in the WiFies.

My more-than-an-acquantaince-but-I’m-not-sure-if-“pal”-fits, we’ve-certainly-exchanged-a-number-of-messages-and-he’s-gone-out-of-his-way-to-“hi”-me-in-person (of-course-this-was-before-he-was-quite-this-famous, now-everyone-thinks-they-know-him, so-he’s-overwhelmed where-e’er-he-goes), and-he’s-let-me-publish-some-of-his-stuff-on-occasion (and-send-him-checks-regularly) but-it’s-not-like-I’m-gonna-ask-him-to-help-me-move, so-I-don’t-want-this-to-sound-like-I’m-bragging-because-I-know-him Neil Gaiman, notes on his blog:

yesterday afternoon the new posh slick black internet router was discovered when I picked it up to try and work out why the internet was so very, very slow, to contain an ants’ nest,  upsetting a very large number of little black ants in the process, most of whom ran off, carrying their eggs and probably grumbling about me in Ant.

To which I dropped him this line:

Having heard about the ants in your internet router, I must encourage you to improve your internet security. I hear that many apparent computer bugs are actually caused by infections downloaded over the internet, so it seems likely that the ants came bundled in some safe-looking executable or zip file. I’m not sure all of what forms of security are best against ants, although a good firewall would probably work against fire ants, but that would do little to stop the dangerous red ants, army ants, and eleph ants. Perhaps you need to install a RAID array in your computer; I hear that kills bugs dead (which is the best way to do it.)

Just a tip, to anyone who has a similar problem.

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