Not technically a loaf

Last night, in part of a push to finish up some of the food we had on hand in preparation for this weekend’s move, I did some riffing on a recipe I found on the back of the Bisquick box. First, I fried up:

  • 20 oz of ground turkey breast (which, while healthier, is a lot blander than the ground not-specifically-breast turkey meat)
  • the remainder of a canister of dried minced onions which had probably come with us in the last move 7 years back
  • the remainder of a jar of minced garlic, not nearly so old
  • two packets of soy sauce

Then, once that was all cooked, I threw it in a greased glass pie plate, and sprinkled quite liberally with what we call “shreddy cheese”, a premixed set of chedder and a couple other cheese that we buy by the humungous pillowload at Costco.

Then I mixed two eggs, one cup of mik, and a half cup of genuine Bisquick brand cooking powdery substance, and poured that over everything.

25 minutes in an oven that was as close to 400 degrees as our random-temperature oven could put up.

Result: Pretty good, actually. The onion and garlic kept away any concept of “bland” without being overpowering. I thought I was putting a lot of cheese on there, but it could’ve actually survived more. The “bun” created by the Bisquick mix was surprisingly eggy; next time, I might try one large egg instead of the two mediums. Most of this large dish disappeared in one meal for three people, with the remainder quickly being claimed by Mrs. Nat’s TV for today’s lunch.

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