So, it was only flipping through tonight’s schedule that I discovered that Fox was launching a new series tonight. That’s not exactly a sign of a heavily-backed series. I don’t know if this is simply dumping some episodes that they had made, or if this is a series they’re trying to launch gently at a low-risk time…. but I’d bet on the former. Think I’ll blog it as I watch.

mental. Obviously, a doctor show. Looks like it’s a hospital show, specifically mental hospital… a House of the brain?

The new boss arrives today. Think he’ll be a loose cannon?

They don’t now what to look for in finding him. But a crazy guy just went crazy… think he’ll come out of the crowd and stop the situation? Oh, yeah!

The girl in the low-cut dress is criticizing the new doctor for getting naked, saying it’ll be hard for folks to take him seriously.

Written by Deborah Joy Levine — who did a nice job seting up Lois & Clark, all those years ago.

Wow, he carries a trick deck of cards specifically to make one specific point if it ever comes up. Yeah…

The lead character has an English accent, and it seems like he has a foreign accent because the actor does, not for any reason in the story. It seems a distraction.

In general, he comes across as a shmuck whose efforts work only because, well, the writers say they work.

He’s sending the residents outside of the hospital to do research. Yeah, it wants to be House.

Ooh, he breaks into the house himself to do research. Sure, that will draw the line of where the differences from House lie!

Yeah, this thing is by the numbers. It’s more of things I’m already getting better versions of. So… no.

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