The Importance of Not Being Doogie

So months ago, we saw that the L.A. Theatre Works had upcoming performances of The Importance of being Earnest starring Neil Patrick Harris, and we wuz happy. We have long had positive feelings for NPH, me going back to Doogie (those of us who went to college young can’t help but to have an association with him), Mrs. Nat TV seemingly more linked to his Sondheim work. (Both of us collide on Dr. Horrible’s Sing-Along Blog, natch.)

Now, depsite the name, L.A. Theatre Works performances are not what you think. They’re not staged plays. Rather, they are done for radio — no sets or real blocking, just actors doing a radio show version of some play. We’d seen one before, and was fun, and couldn’t pass up this chance to see NPH do his stuff. Bought tickets. Only with less than two weeks to go, we’re seeing new ads for this – and NPH is nowhere to be seen. James Marsters has took his spot on the roster. Now, we have very positive thoughts about Mr. Marsters. But dadgummit, it’s like you were told you were getting cherry pie, and someone serves you up some chocolate ice cream instead. As much as you might like chocolate ice cream, your system has geared itself up for cherry pie, and this just won’t do.

We’ve got the tickets, we’ll go, but we’ll definitely feel some NPH-shaped void that will be left unfilled.

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  1. Philadelphia, the base of the Art Museum steps, late 1970s. Middle to large crowd gathered to hear (for free) the comic stylings of Mr. David Steinberg. Come show time, and the fateful announcement:

    “David Steinberg has been taken ill. In his stead, please welcome — Mr. Soupy Sales!”

    Definitely not the right audience.

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