Bowing out

This week, I watched the last episodes of two enjoyable pro-human shows.

Pushing Daisies ended with a wrapping up episode. They ended one major storyline in a way that, if not integrated into the main story of the episode, was still given enough time not to feel tacked on. (They ended another one with a quick tacked-on ending, mind you, but it was less central to the show.) All in all, a nice exit.

Cupid (2.0) ended with another charming episode that didn’t try to advance things paritcularly – which is hardly surprising, as this show had a short run and this one was likely in the can before they knew that they’d not be coming back next season. Still, they give a tip of the hat to the possibility that the show might be ending. The final scene includes a couple of the episode’s characters singing ELO’s “Sweet Talkin’ Woman”, which seemed appropriate as the episode was largely about the woman of the duet undergoing training to lose her working class Queens accent. But by going with that song, they managed to close off the episode with “So sad if that’s the way it’s over.”

And yes, it is sad that both of these shows are gone. Pushing Daisies did something wonderful for its fans, but it turned out that we were too few of the people who tried it; Cupid just didn’t seem to get people trying it. I think we’re starting next season with fewer good shows than we started this one, and the Lenoization of prime time isn’t likely to help that score in the future.

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