Saturdays, even on a Sunday

I’m a crossword puzzle doer – not one of those that spend their lives going to competitions and researching words, but I think I’m pretty good.

Now, for those who don’t do crosswords, you might assume that the pinnacle is the Sunday puzzles, the big one. Well, yes, they can take time, but they’re generally not the most tricky. No, puzzles start with the easiest clues on the Monday puzzles and get touger through the week, with the toughest on Saturday – and these days, I generally restrict myself to Saturday-level puzzles (plus Merle Reagle’s Sunday puzzles, which aren’t that tough, but are fun). Usually can’t quite finish the Newsday puzzle, the toughest of the bunch, without a lot of time and a few “cheats” (when you do them online, you can run a check to have the computer tell you which letters you have wrong.) I can finish a New York Times Saturday puzzle (done on paper, rather than on computer – puzzle books by my bed) about half the time, and generally come within a few letters when I don’t.

The Washington Post actually runs a Saturday-like puzzle on Sunday, rather than running a larger puzzle. L.A. Times runs a Saturday puzzle which is often more an example of impressive puzzle contstruction – 4 or 6 15-letter answers in the grid – than of tough clues, but the intimidating look of the clues makes them fun to do. Which leads to the point of this post: to record for my own purposes my quickest-ever solution of an L.A. Times Saturday puzzle. I did this Saturday’s puzzle in 8 minutes, 38 seconds. If only I could do useful stuff that efficiently…

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