The rule of the rule of 3

When it was announced that Farrah Fawcett died this morning, in addition to any “I hope her loved one are okay” thoughts I might briefly spare for someone I hadn’t met, I thought “oh, great. Now, people will be eagerly awaiting some minor ex-celeb to die five days from now, so they can declare how famous people die in threes.”

Guess I shouldn’t have been so… well, it’s hard to call assuming a famous person wouldn’t die soon to be “pessimistic”…

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  1. Was Carradine too long ago to be part of the “recent” group?

  2. After Ed died, no one I saw was looking for a third with Carradine, so I’d have to say “no”.

    Of course, today’s CNN feed seems to have a B-list three: Billy Mays, Gale Storm, Fred Travalena. (Gale would’ve been on the main list back in the day, but alas for her, she had a long and healthy life!)

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