So, they showed Virtuality the other night, a science fiction pilot that Fox didn’t pick up. On one hand, it’s kind of nice to see dead pilots being aired again. It used to be part of the fun of summer to see all the shows they didn’t pickup. Often, they helped you appreciate the crap they chose to air, since you learned there actually was something worse. In other cases, you go “dang, why didn’t they pick up Curse of the Corn People? This is actually kinda interesting!”

Now, this series is done by the guy who drained Battlestar Galactica of all its fun and replaced it with darkness, meaningfulosity, and more darkness. With this, he takes a space crew on a desperate, long-term mission, gives them each their own personal holodeck-eqivalent, and persuades not to let anyone have any fun. Oh, okay, one of the virtual fantasies, about being a rock diva with wicked butt-kicking skills, was fun for a minute or two, until they made you pay for actually enjoying a couple minutes of the show. So instead it’s a show of drama and intrigue, with lots of questions about what is actually going on and why, what is real and what isn’t… and being a dead pilot, we’ll never get to know the answers. Not particularly something you must see.

The one thing that makes it odd for me: I’ve got some Virtuality schwag. I ended up in a Virtuality panel at the San Diego Comic Con a year back, as they were promoting the series they seemed confident they were making… and they handed out reusable bags with the logo of the Phaeton (the ship on the show.) So this will be a bit of nerd obscuria I can carry with me wherever!

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