Heaven Can Weight

A shallow hotty is sent up to the pearly gates, only to find herself back on earth occupying the body of an overweight, intelligent lawyer who was dying at that moment. In this situation, she uses her knowledge of fashion to help her achieve success.

In other words, it’s very much the set-up of the play Heaven Can Wait (and its film versions Here Comes Mr. Jordan and Heaven Can Wait… there was a more recent Chris Rock remake I don’t recall the details of) where in the soul of a good body (a boxer or a football player, depending on version) gets dropped from heaven and put in the body of a then-dying person of power with an angel from the pearly gates to help him navigte the world – overlayed with the functioning of Legally Blonde.

It’s a Lifetime series, and seems constructed to beaimed at some form of womanhood – the female empowerment, the fashion empowerment, the self-help fascination and the food as sinful delight line – all seem conspicuously designed to cater to some version of womanhood that I (unsurprisingly, I hope) do not possess. But that’s fine, not everything need be optimized for me.

But it’s all so telegraphed, every step, every twist, visible at all times. It’s humoresque without being humorous. And when they attempt to show us that she gets the lawyer’s intelligence instead of just showing it? Folks, be careful when trying to write dialog that is smarter than you are. She’s asking herself smart things to show she’s smart, and prattling off the answers.

“What’s the square root of 113? It’s a prime number – trick question!”

Um, folks, it’s 4.83. Smart people understand that not all numbers are integers.

This series is not aimed at me, and isn’t near good enough to be worthwhile for me despite that. If the workable premise appeals to you, certainly give it a try…

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