Meatloaf log: the one with thrice-cooked chicken

Well, the in-laws were staying in town for about a week, supporting us with the birth of Ben and bringing in a lot of take-out food. Which means that it was time for a meatloaf, to help empty out the fridge from the stray little bits left there.


  • 16 oz of ground turkey, in the form of turkey burgers; on sale, 32 oz of turkey burgers cost a penny more than 20 oz of ground turkey.
  • 12 oz of extra-firm tofu, chopped
  • about a pint of leftover white rice
  • about three ounces of chicken that had already been cooked twice. It came from the Chinese place steamed, then I had woked up with a mix of sweet-n-sour sauce and what I think was a ginger sauce, both left over from the Chinese food order as well. The mixing of these two sauces had a notable effect – it left the cooked chciken almost exactly the same color pink that raw chicken normally has, which meant that eating it required fighting off some deep-seated alarms. Chopped up, and included a couple chopped peapods and one broccoli. (Ate out the pineapple pieces during prep.)
  • two half-pints of differing mysterious sauces left over from the Chinese order, one mixed into the loaf, a somewhat spicier one used as topping.
  • About a dozen raisins, because that’s all we had.
  • A little plastic thing of salsa, left from a Baja Fresh order
  • An even littler plastic thing of parmesan cheese, from Presto Pasta, the only drive-thru pasta place I can recall ever seeing (and even then, only one of their five locations has a drive-thru.)
  • An almost indetectible amount of crouton dust.

Forgot to add my usual egg, which helps hold it all together. Also remembered too late where the rest of the salsa packets were. Couldn’t find my loaf pan, so it’s all in a circular casserole dish, cooking uncovered.

Results: pretty good, I’d say. A bit rice-heavy; one could argue this was actually Rice Helper. But pretty good, hearty. The top was a bit spicy, too spicy for Allison, but all quite food.

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