The new series Community has a good idea for a setting, a community college, a site where people may have aspirations and drive but not perhaps the full set of talents needed to achieve those goals.  It’s a filmed series built around a group of aspiring losers, a descriptor which may invoke Arrested Development, but the more apt comparison is Knights of Prosperity at best, perhaps In Case of Emergency. Clearly, the goal is to have our losers be lovable, or at least interesting, but they don’t really achieve that.

The central character is a hustler, trying to cheat his way through life, and not proving perfectly competent at it. He leads a study group, and converts everyone to his hustling goals… for no discernable reason. Apparently, no one actually wants to learn. We don’t understand what these people actually want, they’re there to be awkward souls for each other to make fun of.

About the only character I ended up liking in the show is the professor played by The Daily Show‘s John Oliver… although I think most of that likability comes from Oliver himself, rather than the writing.

I was looking forward to this one. I’ll probably watch a few more, but for now I’m suspecting that my ope was not well placed.

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