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One of the interesting things about watching Neil Patrick Harris host the Emmy Awards last night, in addition to seeing a job well done, is that I’ve watched the building to this moment. Because of some vague personal linkage to the Doogie Hauser concept, I’ve long been NPH-aware. He was one of those guys who would make me smile when he showed up in smalller places, both because of kindly existing thoughts and because he’d do a good job.

At some point, there seems to have been a decision to be an awards host… and however one pushes these things, a very good job was done. I watched him climb the ladder of award shows quite quickly, from some magician awards a year or so back, to the TV Land Awards, to Tony, to Emmy. It’s like he played one game of high school baseball and was recruited to college after one game, then the minor leagues after one game there, and a week later he’s playing for the Dodgers. A rapid rise (I expect there were even smaller, possibly non-televised awards before the ones that I saw), and no reason for anyone who boosted him to regret what they’d done (well, I’ll make a minor expection for that cringy moment when NPH insulted the Globetrotters after they helped with a gag).

There were a lot of little stupidities in the show, of course (wadda ya mean Jon Cryer’s a supporting actor? He’s 40% of the title!) and some parts worth skipping (thank goodness for the decision to clump all of “reality” together, and for DVRs!), and even celebrities I like took too much time making the awards about themselves when they were just presenting, but… all worth it, especially for NPH. And Doctor Horrible was there as well! Hoo!

Next year, it’s gotta be NPH on the Oscars. And the year after that, they have to invent the Awesomeness awards, just to let him have some place to go!

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