Modern Family

Modern Family is easily the best launch so far this season (not, mind you, that we have a lot of shows under our belt so far). It’s a single-camera, three-family show. Really, one extended family with three separate segments – a typical family cursed with an obnoxious wanna-be-hip dad (the least fun part of it, he’s just tiring to watch), the husband and wife with a big age spread (older husband; not every show this year is Accidentally on Purpose or Cougartown), and the husband-and-husband couple with a new baby. This show is very human. The people are spirited, well-intentioned, but flawed in real ways

It could go very wrong. The age spread, the gay parents, there is a lot of space for being very cheap and off. But it is well-intentioned, all pro-human. It’s also very of-the-moment in some ways.

However, this was all set-up. We’ll see the path that it takes. But the older guy who knows he’s the older guy and isn’t pretending otherwise; the new parents who need to focus a little less on what people perceive them as doing and focus more on what they are doing, the young boy whose romantic ability is far outstripped by his intentions… there’s a good base here.

(One thing I’m finding nice is the slight racial spread in the family. The other day, I was in the room with some extended family, and let’s just say that it wasn’t very monochromatic. Which is not to say that other family gatherings of mine aren’t very monochromatic, they certainly are, but looking around I’m seeing that racial solidity of families seems to be fraying ever more. Probably a good thing, certainly a real thing, and handled reasonably here.)

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