The Good Wife

The title and concept simply scream Lifetime Original Movie. The Good Wife is the woman who stands by her politician husband during a sex scandal.

But in this case, they jump quickly past the initial disgrace, on to six months last when she returns to her career as a lawyer. Now, I’m not a specialist in lawyers, but… well, I think the folks who wrote this aren’t either. It appears to be one of those big law firms that specializes in corporate law. Oh, and criminal law. And they expect a given lawyer within their ranks to handle both. And they take on pro bono work. Not doing legal work for charities, or fighting to turn over some ruling where someone wsa wrong. No, they represent an accused and apparently guilty murderer, for no visible reason except that, well, if they didn’t do it, then the accused might be represented by a public defender… you know, someone who specializes in criminal law, not corporate law.

But when the good wife takes on the case, she ends up getting the accused freed… not through being a good lawyer (she actually comes across as a rather lousy one) but through being a detective.

It seems to want to be treated as a serious drama, but there’s not a minute of this that can be taken seriously. And it’s frustrating, because it’s full of people I like. I don’t care much one way or the other about lead Juliana Marguiles, but… Josh Charles of SportsNight. Christine Baranski. David Paymer.  A great cast waiting for a good show to come along.

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