The concept of FlashForward seems like something I might have written — I love subjecting everyone to one alteration of reality and see how they react. In this case, everyone gets to see a little slice of their lives several months in the future. That seems like the source for a lot of drama.

Problem is, there’s a lot of “why” behind it, a lot of “what’s really going on?” This is a mythology show. Despite the drama that they set up, they don’t play much forward in the pilot. And that’s a mistake. There have been a lot of attempts to build mythology shows since Lost, and the more they disappear, the harder is to invest one’s self in another mythology show… you’re far too likely to never get the mysteries explained. And here’s the kicker: it’s not a mistake Lost itself made. Yes, yes, there was a lot of mysterious thing going on from day one, but there was also a lot of playing-out drama from the very first episode.

I’ll probably try the second episode to see if the drama is any more fleshed out, but I’ve seen too many mythology shows dissolve in recent years to put myself out for something that isn’t giving me more story.

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