I had a laugh at the pilot of Hank.

Yes, count that, one laugh. And it was far enough in that  it surprised me.

Hank is a very workable concept – a big New York corporate mucky-muck has been laid low by the recent financial foofraw, losing his job, his wealth, and being forced to move to, well, actually a fairly spacious-looking, somewhat rundown but recoverable house in a more rural area, and now has to actually deal with his family. And it’s got a reasonable star for the role – Kelsey Grammer.

But every step of the execution falls flat. The script is full of people who do things they have no reason to do, except that it’s supposed to set up something funny. Why do you let your brother-in-law take your bed out of the house? So that you have to sleep in the fire truck bed! Haha! I never believe the way their old life is described. I never believed, well, a word coming out of anyone’s mouth.

The direction was horrible. Almost no true interaction, no one paying attention to the people talking. No sense of timing (perhaps too much script and the pauses got trimmed?) I only recognized one member of the supporting cast, and I’d say that they didn’t get anyone who can keep up to Grammer… but he really comes off no better than the rest of the cast here, so I can’t blame them.

I mean, Back to You was not that long ago, and it certainly showed that one could do a reasonable traditional sitcom that basically worked. Hank reminds it that it takes more than trivial effort to do so.

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  1. The daughter I recognized; she played the daughter on Eureka. I liked her better there. _Hank_ was crap, and I didn’t finish it.

  2. Lots of comments on Television Without Pity from folks who would love to live in that big rundown house the family was downsized to. Can’t say I disagree. Hard to believe the Patricia Heaton sitcom following Hank was much funnier.

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