This year's scorecard

Pretty much everything that launched this season has fallen by the wayside for me.

The exceptions? Modern Family is the one sure winner. Even going through blatant product placement in an episode or two, it still remains so human… and so funny.

I think the only other new season show I’m still watching is FlashForward, and that’s encouraged by Mrs. Nat’s TV liking it. It’s good to have something with intricacies to share. I could see myself watching some more Three Rivers, actually, but it’s not worth recording when it runs against something I’m already watching (Desperate Housewives.)

Oh, I guess technically I’m still watching b, but let me see two episodes before I call it a success.

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  1. That’s exactly what I’m still watching. I’m not as into Modern Family, but it’s okay and gets a laugh or two. FlashForward is a great concept, but the execution is pretty weak. If you have a story based around an event that (a) revealed the future and (b) killed 20 million people, I’d think you’d focus on something more interesting than the main character’s drinking and marital problems.

  2. I’m not going to agree with you there; I think the human stories are exactly what one should build it about. This isn’t an action series. I’m pretty much like that with my own work, using some big change to look at the little details of people. Which is not to say that FlashForward is doing all of these small things well, but the big picture is apt to be pretty silly anyway.

  3. True, but I wouldn’t mind the occasional acknowledgment in the show that there must be some pretty big things going on. A mention that churches are more crowded than usual. A reference to the President or Congress doing something.

    It was a major event (to put it mildly) and people’s daily lives will be affected by the grand scale of things going on. There was one brief scene on an airplane that acknowledged the fact few people were flying, what with so many planes having fallen from the sky. A few more of those would be welcome.

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