The Nat's TV Daytime Show

I find myself wondering if there’s any source with a substantial list of the TV show rerun titles.

I think some of the younger readers might now be saying “the what?”, because this is a tradition that seems to have disappeared… but it used to be that some shows that were being rerun in syndication or at some other time than their standard nighttime run would have a different title used for the reruns, to differentiate them. I’m not sure what the goal was (although I have some guesses), but thanks to this I used to see listings or titles for shows like Happy Days Again or CHiPs Patrol. You can still occasionally run into cheap DVDs with The Dick Van Dyke Daytime Show credits. As you can see, the goal wasn’t to obscure what show it was… although Bonanza became Ponderosa in rerun.

I’ve got nothing deep to say about them. They’ve just been on my mind for no good reason.

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  1. I suppose I should’ve mentioned American Idol Rewind, which I presume is the same kind of thing.

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