Old blog in a new home

Since I’ve just moved this blog to WordPress.com, some people might assume that it’s a new blog. Not so. It’s a very old blog, as such things go, it just started elsewhere. It will turn 10 later this year. It started as solely TV reviews in hand-coded HTML, but as blog software became uniquitous, I moved it to that, and expanded it to cover whatever amused me to cover.
As for exactly how old this blog is… well, I’ll never be allowed to really celebrate its anniversary. That’s because the first post went up while the 2001-2002 TV season was just being launched. I stayed up into the wee hours and wrote my first review… then woke up in the morning to learn that airplanes had flown into the Twin Towers. As such, the anniversary of this blog will always be the anniversary of a far darker, far far more important event. So no big blogaversary for me, but I’m proud of how long this thing’s been around.
(My spell checker doesn’t like “blogaversary”; it suspects I mean “oversampling”.)

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