Comics confessions

I frequently take part in Tom Spurgeon’s Five For Friday feature on his Comics Reporter blog.. frequently enough that when I miss an itneresting one, I feel I miss something. But when I miss the one calling for people’s comics-related confessions, I feel guilty, as if I’m hiding. So here go my answers:

  1. I stole a copy of New Teen Titans #1 from a library, a couple years after it had been released.
  2. I enjoyed Floyd Farland, but what little I’ve seen of Chris Ware’s comic work since has left me cold.
  3. I still owe something in the neighborhood of $17 to people who subscribed to my minicomic The Life and Loves of the Average Panther a couple decades ago, (my Amiga computer ate the subscription list file which was not properly backed up).
  4. I love the theory of webcomics, but I just don’t enjoy looking at comics on the screen for long periods.
  5. I have dropped a number of series that I liked because, on my now-infrequent trips to the comic book store, I cannot recall which the last issue I read was. (Is that the cover I had? Or did I see it in a “next issue” ad in the issue I had? Or somewhere online? The multiple-cover thing makes this all the worse.)
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