Left Justified… already

Justified is a new series on FX. Or USA Network, or TNT, I tend to blend them together. No, I think it really is FX. It’s a southern-based cop show that is well shot, well acted, and not for an instant believable. It’s a tale of a cop who is tough as nails and part of a hard-hitting force and yet somehow they believe that they can’t arrest a criminal unless they actually catch him in the act. And it’s about a racist criminal mastermind who goes through complex mechanations and sacrifices key crew members so he can have a face-to-face dinner with the good guy. And they’re old friends with strict codes which help them set up the dinner so that one of them is going to get shot, but only after they analyze each other.

People in this are making let’s create interesting dramatic conflict decisions rather than actual human ones, and thus they aren’t interesting dramatic conflicts that arise.

Life is getting busier these days, and with some other shows coming back on, I’m just as glad not to have something good to add to my schedule, I suppose.

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