Plain Ketchup: Huge

Of all the first episodes of this summer season, my favorite is on ABC Family, which may seem a shock; I am generally not their target audience, nor have I been fond of what I’ve caught on there in the past, but… well, it’s Huge. It’s a show about teenage girls from the creator of My So-Called Life, Winnie Holzman, teamed with her daughter. Behind the able lead Nikki Blonski are Gina Firefly Torres and Paul “actually, he’s as likable in person as he is on the screen” Dooley.

The setting is a fat camp, and the focus is on the girls, their self images, their images of others, and how conflicts arise from those. And yet, not all is darkness. There are signs that some of the girls will thrive here, because they have each other, and because when it comes to romance, they suddenly see the chance, as they are in their element with no one to outshine them. In all, they are seeing the power of creating a world of only the outsiders, who are thus no longer the outsiders. I have lived through this experience myself, and there is much to be said for it.

And teenage girldom is not all there is to it; the first episode gives us just a taste of a storyline with Torres and Dooley. Remembering how well the adult stuff played out on My So-Called Life (which is high on the list of “TV Worth Worshipping” around here), I’m looking forward to this.

By the way, for those looking for MSCL links, it goes beyond just Holzman. There’s Dooley, of course, who played a grandparent on MSCL (and is, not so coincidentally, Mr. Winnie Holzman). But as the end credits flew by, I caught the name of Snuffy Walden providing music yet again.

My cable system seems to have just dropped ABC Family, or maybe they’ve moved it – I had to watch it on the network’s website.

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