Victory is mine

So I’m standing there thinking “am I really going to buy 8 more boxes of Frosted Flakes?” ’cause you see, I’ve got I think eight boxes of Frosted Flakes in my cupboard already, and we don’t really eat Frosted Flakes, I’m going to take them and give them away to friends. Kellogg’s has been running this Toy Story 3-linked promotion, with codes from three specially-marked boxes you get a $5 gift certificate for the concession stand at certain theaters (including one local one), for 6 codes you get a free pass to any Disney movie, and I’ve been glutting up on these, because if you find the boxes on sale and have a coupon, you can actually get three codes for close to $5, sometimes even less than $5, and since I go to the movies anyway, it’s like the cereal is not only free, they’re paying you to take it. Rice Krispies, Cocoa Krispies, Bite-Sized Frosted Mini-Wheats, we’ve been glomming them up. These are how my family saw Toy Story 3 and snacked while we did so. But the promotion is near its end, and there are fewer and fewer boxes bearing the codes on the shelves.

BUT there I was at Albertson’s (which gets an apostrophe, unlike Ralphs), and there’s a big list of Kellogg’s products @ $2.50 apiece, or $1.50 if you buy 8. And they’ve got plenty of Frosted Flakes with the code, and I’ve got a $1.25-off-three-boxes-of-Kellogg’s coupon, so for $10.75 I’d have 8 codes…. that’s $10 worth of concession cash (I don’t know of any Disney movies coming up in the near future that I’d want to see) and two codes left over, which is only useful if I buy something else before the code promo runs out entirely, so I’m risking being out 75 cents of value for eight boxes of cereal that I really don’t need. But then I think, what if I only get 6 boxes of the Frosted Flakes and meet the 8 item requirement by buying some cookies, which might be useful, so it’s like I’d be getting two packages of cookies for 75 cents total, and that’s a deal, might even be profitable if I have any cookie coupons (I don’t, alas)… so I head over to the cookie aisle and there are Keebler Fudge Stripe Cookies, they’re on the list of items… and one of them has a blurb on the side for a free movie ticket for five tokens! So I dig through the pile and there are exactly 5 packets of Fudge Stripes, an eminently edible cookie, bearing the token. So booya, for $10.75 I’m getting three boxes of useless Frosted Flakes, five packages of at least semi-useful Fudge Stripes, $5 in concession cash, and an any-time, any-studio movie pass that you gotta rank as being worth at least $10.

I don’t exercise pointless consumerism. I consume to win!

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