The Bridge

When Canadians make comedy shows, they are often quite funny, sometimes classically so.

When Canadians make drama, it seems like they read a book about drama and it seemed like a really good idea.

The Bridge is  a cop drama set in a carefully unnamed city, a la Hill Street Blues, and is named for the location of an individual division, a la Hill Street Blues. It’s about a rather clean looking set of cops, in an area where we’re told there are low-income criminals on one side of the bridge and high-income ones on the other side, but most of the crime in this story has cops involved in its commission. There is corruption up high, grinding down and exploiting the workers. There’s corruption down on the low level There’s corruption in the union. When the cops go on strike during the second episode, you can’t help but to suspect that this will actually drive the crime rate down.

Even the lead, who we’re supposed to support, blackmails a favor out of a priest. These are all characters who don’t quite seem real, having problems that seem very manufactured. Big drama, unearned. But that’s not the thing that really hands me up here.

You see… the lead, Aaron Douglas? He doesn’t look like Aaron Douglas. Well, he probably does… but not nearly so much as he looks like a young Michael Badalucco. I don’t mean in that, hey, there’s a vague similarity way; I mean that if someone told me that they computer-added a scanned-years-ago Michael Badalucco to this, I wouldn’t ask “really?”, I’d merely ask “why?” So I spent my time staring at that, ignoring most of the rest of this series.

And I think ignoring the rest of this series is what I’ll be doing.

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