I don’t think I’ve ever watched any of the versions of La Femme Nikita, neither of the movies nor a full episode of the series that ran four seasons about a decade back. If the new CW series Nikita is anything to judge by – and given that it’s a McG series, it may well not be – I havent been missing mch.

You see, there’s this secret US government agency that exists to kill folk, and they do it by capturing people they think would make good killers and both training them and forcing them to kill folks. This seems to be a rather unnecessarily complex and stupid way of building an assassin squad, if a whole agency was truly needed just for that (really, you could take all of the real assassinations in the world and you wouldn’t need a whole huge agency to do them, I reckon.) And it exists in this very unreal-feeling world of agencies against agencies, all very dark and stabby and pointless. Nikita herself is one of their assassins who has escaped and is now trying to bring the agency down.

If I didn’t know better, I’d say someone was trying to recapture the big success of Dollhouse, with the kick-ass females and the dark-secret agencies and dark color schemes, and captured a lot of the weaknesses that, well, made Dolhouse not a success.

I shan’t be watching more.

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