In Outlaw, Jimmy Smits quits being a conservative Supreme Court justice so that he can be a liberal lawyer. Because after all, conservatism is about not caring about people and only caring about the system, right?


I mean, I’m someone that most Americans would probably judge as having a leftist bent, but I can’t see this as ringing the slightest bit intellectually honest. It’s manipulative in silly ways.

Mr. ex-Supreme rebel has support team, and they are all quirky, of course. The overly-confident, overly-competent sexy bisexual detective might actually be cool if she took it down 25%, but instead she’s tiresome. The others are all just unreal, existing solely as a simplified set of reactions to our lead. Everything tries to be too hip.

The basic concept of ex-SC-turned lawyer is a good one. The star is a good choice for it. But the execution is execrutionating!TM

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  1. The basic concept of ex-SC-turned lawyer is a good one.

    Not really. I mean, beyond the first episode where you get the hook-to-show-in-promotions (“Oooo, it’a a SUPREME COURT JUSTICE that steps down!”) what does it add to the ongoing series? The stories are going to be about someone who had been of a conservative bent thinking more of his dead father’s views and moving leftwards. What does his ex-Justice status add to the show other than a major dash of unreality?

    As posted on another site I visit, what’s next? The Head of Thoracic Surgery at Johns Hopkins resigns to become a small town country doctor? The CEO of a major Wall Street firm quits to teach high school math to inner city kids? The governor of a large state resigns to focus full time to a career in reality TV?

    Oh, wait.

  2. .

  3. Oh, I think there are a lot of things to the way he interacts with various people – who wants his efforts, do they expect him to have inside leverage, is he viewed as one who abandoned his position where he made a difference (say, like a certain quitting governor), what happens the first time he argues in front of his former co-justices. It gives you enough things that haven’t been covered in a lawyer show before that a show can build up a head of steam and its own feel before falling back on the tried and true of lawyer drama.

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