The Event

When Lost began, something awesome and mysterious happened, and the explanation eventually proved to be complex.

When The Event begins, complicated things are happening. It’s different.

The trick to these big mystery and mythology series would seem to be creating a lot that’s curious but also having some clear stories going on within that bigger picture that the viewer can understand, feed them followable story while slowly dealing with your mysteries. The Event doesn’t find that balance. It does try to invest us in a central character, the lovable Jason Ritter, but it brings him to us when he’s already neck-deep in the show’s craziness. He comes across as just kindly, enthusiastic jetsam on top of whatever’s going on..

Blair Underwood plays The President Whose Name Is’t Obama But Who Is Otherwise Obama. Laura Innes plays smar-and-hiding-something, which carries over what she was doing in E/R. Zeljko Ivanek plays the tight-lipped, vaguely sinister, very smart advisor whom we don’t trust, a role which he’s done many times befor – quite well, of course, but it’s just another sign of how this series brings no surprises (twists, mysteries, yes, but where we expect twists and mysteries). It’s like they’re trying to be lost, but not season 1, they’re trying to throw you right into season 2 or 3. They’ve not earned the complexity.

I can look at the big happening at teh end of the pilot episode and see the five different ways that it is set up to be interpreted, but I cannot find myself caring about it.

You know, if it were up against nothing, I might DVR it for a while and see if I get around to watching it. But I’m expecting to like Lone Star and hold out hope for  Mike and Molly, so the DVR is apt to be taken by one or the other.

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