Better With You

The base concept of Better With You is that we get three couples – a just-forming one, a together-for-a-decade one, and an old married couple – and we see the contrasts between the joys of the new relationship and the acceptance and possibly even bitterness of those locked in for the long haul. We’ve seen this concept before, more than once, and the fact that I cannot quickly name the shows says more about the success of those shows than about the quality of my memory.

This one is making a reasonable stab at being a bit more, perhaps. The three couples are family – younger sister and her new beau, older sister and her long-term POSSLQ, and aged parents. As such, there’s a little of how-we-protect-each-other-in-the-family play going along with the what-couples-are play. The cast is generally good, with the strongest player being the POSSLQ.

The younger daughter’s beau is supposed to weird, but it’s less like he’s weird and more like he’s a character from a different sitcom, with a different acting style. He’s Joey Trebianni (which perhaps is not that much of a surprise; this episode was directed by James Burroughs – I don’t know whether this is his new series for the year, or whether he was just brought in for the pilot as he so often is. I know he directed the pilot of the I’ve-not-yet-watched S#!t My Dad Bleeps.)

So this one comes out medium, overall. It would actually get a bit better if they avoid the explicit young couple/mid couple/old couple comparisons, make that subtext rather than text.

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