Watch Lone Star tonight

Lone Star

It’s the best reviewed show of the new season.

And having just watched the first episode, I can tell you that it’s the best first episode I’ve seen this season, nudging Terriers out of first place.

And here’s the damned stupid thing about it – they’re already talking about canceling it. After just one episode has aired. Now, I can see that if you know you’ve produced a pile of crap, but a show that is this recognizably good? You give it a chance. You get it out there any way you can – stream it, put it on Netflix, whatever it takes, knowing that a fair portion of the people you can get to watch it will keep on watching it. Yes, there’s a time when you throw in the towel, when good isn’t good enough… but you don’t start talking about it after episode one. Sigh.

This is the tale of a con man born and raised, who finds the opportunity, the temptation to go straight. It’s about family – his family, and the wealthy oil family he’s entered into. It’s not flashy, it’s not just cheap fun (though it has a bit of that). Music is used nicely. Camerawork reminds me of Friday Night Lights, which is a good thing.

Sorry I didn’t review it earlier, but the first run I had a recording problem; luckily for me, they reran it… late night, Saturday, where no one is going to stumble across it. Would that I could’ve warned you before it aired.

But #2 airs tonight. Watch.

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