The Whole Truth

Having seen that The Whole Truth has been canceled, I reckoned it was time that I finally check it out… which is not the only logic I ever go with. After all, if I hate a show that’s canceled, why bother – and if I love it, ach, the pain!

This one doesn’t hit either extreme. It features a couple actors who have positive associations for me, but not for their most recent runs (Rob Morrow to me is the Northern Exposure guy, as I gave up on Num3ers; Maura Tierney is NewsRadio, not E/R.) The basic concept is that we see both the defense and prosecution investigation into a crime, see it go through the court… and in the end, we see the truth of what actually happened. It’s a good concept… but for a British series, something where there’s a handful of short seasons, so that they don’t make it feel like they’ve run through every combination and permutations and are desperate not to make it feel redundant. That would also give them less of a need to build some ongoing story (or, if they choose to do ongoing story, they can actually move it somewhere; this feels like it’s full of romantic-tension hovering.) Plus, it would give you less reminder that there seems to be just one prosecutor and one defender in this world, endlessly pitted against one another.

Having said that, almost everything I’ve said above can be said about House; however, House triumphs over its obstacles via greatness of individual aspects, none of which is achieved here. Dr. House himself is fun to watch (from a distance); there is no such degree of character here. This is a procedural where the interest is supposed to bein the procedure, and it isn’t convincing enough to go “wow”… nor stupid enough to simply write this off as drek.

It’s so-so, and thus its death is not a tragedy.

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