Terriers is gone, and my hours are opening up

FX has announced that their brilliant series Terriers will not be coming back for a second season. The good news is that the first season was a complete novel in itself, a noirest modern detective series. If you missed it, when the DVDs come out (I assume they will), snatch them up.

This is just another sign that I’m about to free up a lot of watching time. The season – and quite possibly the series – finale of The Good Guys (a nice lighthearted series) comes this week. Both Parenthood and Human Target are reported to be nearing cancellation. (I’d tack in the wait for season 2 of Walking Dead, but with Man Men and Breaking Bad also in that AMC cycle, that evens out.)

And just to make matters worse, we’re cutting back to the two-disk Netflix subscription from the three disks we had earlier. We just weren’t going through them… with all the TV there was to watch.

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