Chicago Code

As I type this, the second episode of The Chicago Code is taping on my DVD recorder, so you may be watching the second one while I review the first one. And the first one started off on the wrong foot for me – because I failed to properly tape it, and I had to watch a low-frame-rate streaming version on an awkwardly-placed computer… and all this with low expectations, because it’s yet another cop show, and those have not fared well with me of late.

But but but, even with all that, it won my attention. It’s smoothly made, the production is good, there’s some well-done dialogue, and the pilot was straightforward and honest in admitting it was introducing the characters. But what really won me over was its choice of focus. But before I get to that, an aside…

Years ago, I was writing some comic book scripts that were to be drawn by the legendary Don Heck (some pages of art do exist for this project, but the planned publisher stopped paying, Don died, and the project was never and will never be completed). At that time, comics publishers were finding any excuse to launch new superhero concepts, and I stated to think what Don and I might do to exploit this situation. Don was one of the main artists of Marvel’s Silver Age, but he was always stronger at drawing guys in business suits than in supervillain suits. And that set me to thinking: superheroes always went after the murders, the robbers, the people who did physical damage via violence – surely, an important thing to stop, but meanwhile corrupt businesses and other leaders were destroying economies, causing vast pain and poverty (although those guys were pikers compared to some of the more recent players.) To a certain degree, cracking down on the street-level crime while ignoring upper-class crime a real class issue. So my thoughts were running toward somehow having superheroes go after those men in suits, perhaps have superheroes who were fighting those muggers and realize that they should go after the big folks, but have trouble figuring out how to apply their strengths to that realm. Never did anything with the idea, but…

But you could see how that sort of thinking might mean that a show where the cops focus on the big time corruption would be just my thing. And that’s what this show brings to the mix, and makes it a fresh addition to the history of cop shows.

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