Flaunting their sinful lifestyle

So I’m reading some posts from a Jew who has claimed himself infallible when it comes to representing God’s view on homosexuality, apparently including how it should apply to marriage law. And when someone points out that eating pork is also a sin under his religion, and yet there is no major push to ban pork consumption. To explain the difference, he puts forth “how often do you hear about a pro-pork parade in your city?”

And so, to educate Moshe Starkman, allow me to present BaconFest Chicago. The Boston Bacon and Beer Festival. Iowa’s annual Blue Ribbon Bacon Festival. Oklahoma’s Baconalia. In Everett, they have a sausage fest like he wouldn’t believe, and the same is true in Alabama, in Texas, in Washington, and in Florida, which this coming weekend celebrates the 25th anniversary of the Beulah Sausage Fest. And yes, there’s a whole lot of public porkin’ going on, in Ohio, in Tennessee, in Illinois, in Virginia, inDiana…and for those who like to mix it up, Delaware’s Apple Scrapple Festival may be just the place for them!

And all that isn’t to mention the TV ads that directly promote taking part in such sinful pork consumption, put on by those pushing the Jimmy Dean agenda. I doubt we’ll ever see an ESPN ad for “Men: The Other White Meat (also available in other colors)”, but shots of some guy’s McRib dripping luscious fluid onto their pants are considered perfectly acceptable. The next time he sees a movie with a luau scene where some hot swine is tied naked to a pole with a red apple gag in his mouth, I hope Mr. Starkman will realize that these suckling pigs are not as in the closet as he would like to believe.

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