None of your suspect beehives

What do you get when you take Forest Whitaker with his subtle dark intelligence, and mix it with Janeane Garofalo with her sardonic wit?

Well, if the place you’re putting the together in is Criminal Intent: Suspect Behavior, you get them (and various less-known cast members) endlessly trying to out-serious each other, through obvious dialog, all in a dark color palette. This is, after all, yet another procedural extension show.

These shows manage to get very talented people, and I can understand the appeal of steady work in a regular locale… but there is so much talent there being left unused that it’s sad. It just seems wasteful.

There wasn’t much likelihood that I’d be embracing a spin-off of the most pointlessly dark and ugly procedural running, but with that cast, I had to watch it. Once. I shan’t have to again, and I will exercise that freedom to not.

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