After a long pause – a meatloaf!

My 6 year old daughter has been a little reluctant about meatloaf, so to get her on my side, I asked her to join in with me on building this one.


  • 20 ounces of ground turkey
  • the last few bread crumbs in a canister
  • leftover rice from a packaged orange chicken dinner a few nights back – included either soy or lima beans, and orange and yellow carrots
  • one egg, extra large
  • half of the frozen packet of gravy we had left over from our Thanksgiving turkey
  • a 6 year old’s handful-and-a-half of golden raisins (a variation from our usual use of non-golden raisins)
  • three or four potato wedges left over from last night’s Monday Night Special – a deal at a local supermarket where we get a rotisserie chicken, a pound of potato salad, a pound of potato wedges, four rolls, and a 2-liter soft drink for $7.99. My young assistant wanted to add pieces of the chicken, but remembered that too late.
  • the remnants of a bottle of Classico Tomato & Basil sauce, at her urging.
  • whatever was remaining in a packet of Trader Giotto’s Quattro Fromagio

We put this all in a pie plate, to make a pie-shaped meatloaf (which I’m actually wary of, as it’s too much surface area for the volume, too much crunchy edge for the soft innards), spreading the tomato sauce across the top, and adding the cheese to the top in mid-cooking (making it arguably a cheeseburger pie rather than a meatloaf). Cooked at 375 until it looked like it didn’t need any more cooking.

Result: quite yummy! The best meatloaf in a long while, with my collaborator judging it to be the best she ever had.

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