Suits is a new USA Network series about a guy who’s smart enough to pass the law school bar exam for others, but can’t complete law school himself… and the lawyer whose unwise enough to hire him on to pass for a lawyer anyway. Now he must do law-things and not get caught by the other people at the Big Powerful Law Firm.

So what we have here is a premise that is simultaneously heavily manipulated and not that interesting. His problems are all of his own making, and if he just chose to apply his vast learning skills and apparent photographic memory to, well, anything else, he would do just fine.

There’s a germ of something that might be workable here; I could see a series that’s about an entire firm of fake lawyers – this guy, one outright con man, one “jailhouse lawyer”, and one disbarred lawyer – run at about the Psych level of realism. But this is a little too serious, and doesn’t come across as being different from a non-isn’t-a-lawyer lawyer show in any way that actually makes it more interesting.

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