Necessary Roughness

Watched the pilot of a new cable show – well, several weeks old, I’m behind, I’m currently trying to zoom through The Larry Sanders Show before possibly dropping the Netflix streaming – about a capable shrink with a troubled life who becomes the go-to therapist for the local football team. The pilot defines it well, and there’s nothing wrong or bad about it, but it just wasn’t that interesting. It does rely on what seems to be a gross oversimplification of therapy. This isn’t a show to avoid, but I don’t think it needs to be sought out either.

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When it came to whether to watch the pilot for Alphas, there was a strong conflict. On one hand, there’s my rule to avoid watching the SciFi network, however they’re misspelling their name now. On the other hand, in this household, we watch David Strathairn. I’ve been a fan of his since The Days and Nights of Molly Dodd, and Mrs. Nat’s TV, while not having quite as long a history, is more intense about it.

The good news is, there’s no such conflict with further episodes. This is a cheap X-Men clone, dignified with a great actor in the Professor X role, and he fills it well, but there’s nothing else going on here.

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Movie idea

Someone’s gay friends all win the you-can-get-married-on-the-first-day-of-legal-gay-marriage lottery that New York has held… and must spend today zooming around to 20 different weddings.

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A sign that you’re watching an old episode

I’ve been speeding through The Larry Sanders Show recently (watching them all before possibly dumping Netflix streaming).. and this episode has a scene between Gene Siskel and John Ritter. (Also has a young Josh Malina, but I’m pretty sure he’s still around.)

Ohhh, Warren Zevon just showed up. Time capsule.

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Military expenditures

I just heard an analyst on NPR say that the U.S. military has to get used to the days of scarce resources, and that the days of wine and roses are over. I agree. I think that we should halve the military expenditure both on wine and on roses (and utterly eliminate spending on rosé wines.)

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Letting Go of God

I’m watching “Letting Go of God”, Julia Sweeney’s monologue on her religious history and transformation. She “went on a week long trip with a naturalist and 8 other people” I hope, and not “and ate other people”, as I heard it.

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The Power

Me and the fam went to an early Independence Day fireworks session in Moorpark last night. Seated there in a sizable park, as the sun was going down, over the din of the crowd I heard two ladies talking to a little girl, asking her “were you near the Jolly Jumper? Were you in the front of the park? The back? Do you remember?” It was clear that the little girl was lost, and wasn’t being much help. I said “pardon me, ladies, but I have a loud voice.” They looked at me as if I was crazy to think that this was somehow relevant to the situation. “Have you gotten a name?” I asked. “She was with her Aunt Shiela,” one of the ladies responded. “Whats your name?” I asked the girl. “Juliet,” she replied shyly.

I turned toward the crowd, and as I said “Is anybody looking”, you could hear the din cut considerably, as many stopped their conversation to turn to the interruption. “For a Juliet?” And immediately, from not quite 100 feet away, someone shouted “I am”, and came rushing forth to claim the little girl, looking very relieved. The ladies who had found Juliet looked at me with a level of amazement that I don’t think was quite due.

The voice is not always an advantage; I sometimes get too loud in casual conversation without realizing it. But every once in a while, it comes in really handy. With it, I won Independence Day!

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