The Power

Me and the fam went to an early Independence Day fireworks session in Moorpark last night. Seated there in a sizable park, as the sun was going down, over the din of the crowd I heard two ladies talking to a little girl, asking her “were you near the Jolly Jumper? Were you in the front of the park? The back? Do you remember?” It was clear that the little girl was lost, and wasn’t being much help. I said “pardon me, ladies, but I have a loud voice.” They looked at me as if I was crazy to think that this was somehow relevant to the situation. “Have you gotten a name?” I asked. “She was with her Aunt Shiela,” one of the ladies responded. “Whats your name?” I asked the girl. “Juliet,” she replied shyly.

I turned toward the crowd, and as I said “Is anybody looking”, you could hear the din cut considerably, as many stopped their conversation to turn to the interruption. “For a Juliet?” And immediately, from not quite 100 feet away, someone shouted “I am”, and came rushing forth to claim the little girl, looking very relieved. The ladies who had found Juliet looked at me with a level of amazement that I don’t think was quite due.

The voice is not always an advantage; I sometimes get too loud in casual conversation without realizing it. But every once in a while, it comes in really handy. With it, I won Independence Day!

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