No wonder Cher looks strained at times

When I read articles that say that (Dancing With The Stars contestant) Chas Bono was “born a woman”, I can’t help but think that my, that sounds like a painful delivery. I thank goodness that my daughter was born a little girl.

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Constitutionally ignorant candidates

Romney, Bacmann, and Santorum have all signed a National Organization for Marriage Pledge to nominate judges “who are committed… to applying the original meaning of the Constitution… and thus reject the idea our Founding Fathers inserted a right to gay marriage into our Constitution”. So apparently, these candidates are either denying that our Constitution has changed through Amendments, or are ignorant that the Constitutional grant of Equal Protection (used to argue for gay marriage) was done in an 1868 amendment, after the Founding Fathers were all dead.

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Suquamish. Say it with feeling.

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