Up All Night

Some things, we like to watch because they reflect our life.

In the case of Up All Night, I’m having the opposite reaction. As someone who gets awakened at 5-something each morning by a 2 year old, a series that’s built around the fact that a couple gets little sleep because of their kid does not prove to be a source of comedy. It’s a source of frustration. The humor just rubs it in. Will Arnett does an acceptable job playing an acceptable person, which is a nice switch from the slimy sorts he’s played so often.

A lot of attention is going to Maya Rudolph, who played Oprah on SNL, doing basically the same character here. She does it well – Maya has proven herself a strong actress – but as with much of this show, it’s more convincing than it is funny.

Anyway, I’m not the one to judge this show; it would be watchable if it were not in too painful a realm for me. I’m to sleep-deprived to laugh at this.

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