A Gifted Man

The premise of A Gifted Man seems like a warning sign: rich doctor is visited by a ghost, who inspires him to take better care of those in need. Oh, no, here comes Dr. Ghost Whisperer. Medium, MD.

But it’s better than that. It’s better in texture. It takes its characters more seriously than it takes its premise. It’s not an Eli Stone wild trip into turning flighty, it’s a look at facing change in one’s life… and if you pay attention, change may not be good. There’s an argument to be made that he was a better ddoctor before being more caring than after… although I’m not certain they’ll explore it.

In any case, I’m not saying this is a great show, or must be seen; I’m saying that this is a show which I expected to watch one episode out of my misplaced sense of duty and dismiss; instead, I’m taping episode 2 tonight. We shall see.

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