Collaborative meatloaf

This meatloaf effort is a collaboration between myself and wee Miss Allison. Ingredients:


  • 1.25 pounds ground turkey
  • 1 pound mechanically separated turkey
  • leftover peas
  • leftover mix vegetables
  • a hearty chunk of leftover rice
  • one packet of taco sauce (a comes-with-a-box-of-taco-shells style packet, not a little heres-some-taco-sauce-and-ketchups-from-the-drive-thru packet)
  • raisins (4 little girl handfuls)
  • leftover couscous, of coursecourse

Suggested as an ingredient was peanut butter, but I vetoed that.

Allison wanted it pie-shaped, but we found that there was too much for one pie plate, so we had to make two. And as long as we were making two, we made them unique. One had, as a topping, a shredded 3-cheese mixture, and the other, at Allison’s urging, used a powdered garlic mixture generally intended to make garlic bread with. (I think the garlic did more for the scent of that pie than for the taste, but it was detectable with the palate.)

Results: “If you like crispy edges, then meatloaf pies are the way to go” said the reviewer, Allison. Overall, fairly good, quite edible; not the absolute best of the meatloafs, but well into the good range.

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