Man Up

From the title one might presume Man Up to be one of those “boy, the genders are different, and men are hilariously primitive” comedies, particularly since it’s slotted in right after Last Man Standing, which is exactly that. And to a limited extent, you’d be right.

But there’s a category of sitcom that it better fits, and that’s the “there’s a hit comedy movie, and we want something that seems just like that, only without paying to license that” file. Now, falling into this category does not mean that the show must be bad – Parker Lewis Can’t Lose certainly showed that (and ran quality rings around the genuine official Ferris Beuller series). However, it doesn’t mean it’s good, either. In this case, the hit films being echoed are the The Hangover series, not in their plot (well, at least not in the second episode, I missed the first), but in the structure of the group of male adult friends which includes on hairy, short, obnoxious, unaware loudmouth creep. I tire quickly of that aspect, tired of it in the Hangover movies, still tired of it here. And it tires me so much that it overrides anything else that is going on, even if that has hints of being worthwhile (in this case, the B story about the females in their lives, which while shallow showed some comedy talent at hand.)

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