Allen Gregory … it’s an anagram for GAY something-or-other, I’ve not figured it out yet

If you want to see what homophobia looks like in the modern age, then you need look no further than Allen Gregory, the animated series that Fox debuted last night in the post-Simpsons slot that has been so hungry for a good show for so long. There, you’ll find every uninformed crazy-wing talking point: homosexuality as a choice, the homosexual as a predator who must convert straight men with their wiles, “gay parenting” as being a mere matter of wanting a child as a fashion accessory, something to show off without applying any real concern or parenting skills for. This goes beyond mere playing with stereotypes… and even then, I might forgive it if it actually drew humor from what it’s doing. I’ll forgive many things, perhaps too many things, for a good laugh. Gregory, about an upper-class gay couple’s 7 year-old obnoxious self-styled prodigy (voiced by Jonah Hill, who I’ve liked in a number of projects) who is forced to attend public school but is ill-equipped for dealing with commoners, resonates not a lick of true human emotion or understanding, and its comedy derived from the ridiculous antics of non-humans has no impact. Fox has already extended the order for this turkey, and they may be right; they seem to have had success with other heartless crap following The Simpsons… but I’m hoping that this will not repeat the trend.

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