The two new legend shows

Playing catch-up here: two new shows are built around fairy tales. It took me a while to catch up with them. Grimm is the more the kind of thing I like; in a lot of ways, it’s a lot like Buffy, with a member of a secret line of monster-stoppers doing battle with legendary monsters, with the hero knowing little about his lineage, and learning as he goes. Okay, it’s really, really like Buffy, if you don’t expect cute girls (it’s a very male series) and fun.

Once Upon a Time is less the kind of thing that I like, but I like it better. This is more a mythology story, spinning a backstory about a land of fairy tale characters and how they became trapped in a more humdrum real world. The writing is occasionally clever, the production value is high (lots of actors from things I’ve liked), and some of the women (it’s a very female series) are quite pleasant to watch. Still, a lot of manufactured darkness that don’t tie into real human emotion. It’s not great, and as with many a big mythology series, one suspects that it will never really get to telling the whole story… or if it does, it will be disappointing. I think I’ll stick with this one a while longer, allow it a chance to breathe and perhaps grow on me.

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