Hittin’ the big time

The latest change here at Nat’s TV is, well, Nat’s TV. That’s right, I’m sitting here in the living room with a 46 inch LCD HD monster, obtained for just under three hundred clams, after waiting in line 5.5 hours. When I strode out of Target with this thing, the line of people still waiting to get in actually applauded, I kid you not (I’m not sure how much of it was that I’d scored one of the limited monster TVs, and how much was that I was wearing Superman’s sweatshirt.

However, it’s late, so for now it sits in its box, while the 27″ lowdef tube television it’s replacing glares at it angrily. The smaller set (which I believe cost the same price when it was bought) will be sent to the playroom, to replace the even smaller and less functional set currently on the Wii. It will be a while before I can wall-mount the new one (a wise idea both in earthquake country and in active-2-year-old-boy country), much less arrange for some HD inputs for it. But the first big step has been took. (Main reasons is not that I needed larger at heart, but that the shows have changed visually, to really call for larger sets. Plus, I was feeling guilty having people over for Super Bowl parties and watching a set which seemed so large at the time I got it…

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