The Odd Triple

Nick at NIte has been having some success by forming new sitcoms with pleasantly-remembered talent from successful shows. The latest follows a familiar path, when a newly-divorced domestic man becomes the roommate of a divorced couch lump and a divorced playa. The difference from The Odd Couple is not so much in the count, but in the lack of any existing emotional connection between the character… and the proves to be deadly. The characters are quickly acting as if they care for one another, but it doesn’t work, doesn’t sell. These don’t seem to be characters built out of empathy, so relying on them to support one another emotionally just doesn’t work.

One of the tricky things is that Nick is targetting this (and all their series) at people who have seen a lot of sitcoms… which costs them, because when they use all the standard rhythms, it’s stuff we’ve seen before. It’s not a surprised, not funny. The true sitcom buff needs something challenging, and Nick is generally not delivering.  Leave the same-old-structures to The Disney Channel, where they face an audience who has not yet figured them out.

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My thoughts on unbundling cable channels

…have landed a bit of writing on one of the most heavily read blogs, albeit anonymously. On Andrew Sullivan’s The Dish blog over at Newsweek’s The Daily Beast, I’m the first reader talking about someone’s belief that cable bundles need to be unbundled.

–Nat Gertler, secret famous guy

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I’d rather watch I Ate My Teenage Daughter

Fox’s new sitcom I Hate My Teenage Daughter features two soullessly obnoxious teen girls, their soulfully obnoxious mothers, their clueless, obnoxious dads,and so forth, and none of them travel far from stereotypes. The ratio of obnoxia to humor is hella high. Skip. skip, skip.

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