Let me get the basic fact out fo the way: I liked the premier of Touch, the new Kiefer Sutherland drama. Which is a little odd in some ways. First off, I didn’t fully follow the plot on it, which was my fault – as my attention was split with whatever else I was doing while watching it, and didn’t get how various events were connected (I at least assume they were connected). And secondly, the topic has some danger signs – an apparently-autistic boy who actually has special powers to see the future, and communicates through numbers – a heavy dose of “indigo children”-style nonsense; I tend to shy away from fantasy when it seems to endorse some currently-prevalent woo-woo belief.

But the texture of it is a fine, fine thing indeed. Much of the story in the first episode is told not with what’s directly going on with Kiefer and his magical son, but with other, smaller stories that their work has an effect on. That material is fine, each creating it’s own sense of person and place.

The series does tie into the events of September 11th, with Kiefer’s character’s wife having died in the World Trade Center. Something is telling me that this may be the last series to really take that path… I could be wrong, but it feels like enough series have gone after the direct fallout of the attacks. The series is also cryptic; it opens with some unanswered questions, and yes it answers some even in the very first episode, but it also hits us over the head with there being Things We Don’t Know – not only with the magical son, but with the dad as well. Will it last long enough to play out to anything? Or will it just end up being a convoluted mystery series that fails to maintain interest? Dunno. But I’ll watch at least a couple more of this.


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