The Big Nat Theory

The Big Bang Theory always haunts me a little bit. It is, after all, set in a city where I used to live, at an institution where I used to hang out, with people doing things that I used to do (such as heading to the local comic shop.)
However, I just caught up on the last two episodes… and the most recent one, where the characters were talking about someone whose daughter I used to know, was trumped by the one before, where the characters were actually talking to a real person I’ve talked to (Astronaut Mike Massimino, whom I interviewed for The Peanuts Collection.)

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  1. Michele, I assume? I met her brother in passing when we were both at MIT many years ago. My own weird bits are that the Trek actors they’ve had on map exactly to the ones I’ve met (Takei, Spiner, Wheaton), and I’m aquainted with a writers’ assistant which has led to at least two comics writers visiting the show.

  2. Yes, I was in a play with Michelle and got to hang with her on a few occasions. The CalTech theater scene can do things like that. Still kicking myself for not accepting that role in Inherit The Wind when offered; for the courtroom scenes with scientists there to give testimony, they had the real deal.

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