The colonel’s shepherd’s pie

The main impetus for this own was leftovers from a Kentucky Fried Chicken meal from a couple days ago.


  • 1 lb. ground turkey which appears to have a fair amount of mechanically-separated turkey in it.
  • Leftover baked beans (not KFC)
  • Leftover KFC green beans, about half a large order
  • Leftover KFC gravy, 90% of a container
  • Leftover small potatoes, baby carrots, and “fiestaflower” (a genetically-orange cauliflower) that had been in the crockpot with Monday’s corned beef, all chopped up
  • raisins
  • one extra large egg
  • About half a container of leftover KFC mashed potatoes, which turned out not to be enough to spread across most of the top; somewhere between 1/3 and 1/2 is thinly covered. Had I mashed potato mix on hand, I would’ve used it.

This is all in there for a half an hour a 375 degrees – I’ll go Fahrenheit this time. Then I’ll be turning the oven off and letting it coast, while I head out to pick up the kids; I cannot bring myself to leave the oven on in an empty house. We’ll see what it looks like when I get back, whether it needs more time or if it’s overdone. (It’ll almost certainly be moist; that was watery gravy. I wonder how the gravy flavor fights the baked beans for supremacy.)

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  1. And, it worked! Perhaps more of a moist bean-and-meat experience than a loaf, but tasty!

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